1) Submissions should be sent to the Editor ([email protected]).

2) While there is no word limit, the guide is 3000 words excluding abstract, title, captions, footnotes, references, figures, and tables.

3) Submissions should be previously unpublished and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4) Submissions are reviewed by the Editor in consultation with appropriate members of the Editorial Board or guest referees (using the double-blind peer review policy).

5) All articles should be submitted as a copy-edited Word Document file (doc or docx) AND pdf. (For detailed text specifications, see point 12 below).

6) All articles should include a short abstract (up to 250 words), and a brief biography of the author (up to 300 words).

7) Illustrations, tables and musical examples are to be interpolated within the text, with the example number and title or caption under the example.

8) Musical examples (with the exception of scans from manuscripts or first/historical editions) should be typeset and embedded in the text file.

9) For pitch designations, use the scientific pitch notation system (middle C as C4).

10) Do not use symbols for sharps, flats, or naturals, writing them out as a word instead (e.g. D-sharp or A-flat).

11) Examples used in the paper (e.g. early manuscripts, printed pages, etc.) need to be clearly labeled, including: title, page/bar numbers, source, dates of origin, and other bibliographic material, including the names of institutions holding the originals where relevant.

12) Excerpts from any materials falling under the copyright act must be accompanied by a permission to publish from the holding institution and copyright owner. Payment of any fees for the use of copyrighted materials is the author’s responsibility.

13) Text specifications:

i) Page size A4.
ii) 2.54 cm (one-inch) margins on all sides and 2.25 cm as top margin.
iii) Times New Roman 12-point font, 1.15 spacing, and fully justified text.
iv) Insert only one space between sentences, after colons, etc.
v) Insert a blank line or extra space before or after paragraphs. Do not indent
the first line of each paragraph.
vi) Use footnotes.

14) Bibliographic style must conform to the guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. rev., University of Chicago Press, 2010.

i) The first footnote reference to a work should give a full citation; further references should be abbreviated to the author’s surname and short title.
ii) Include dates of access for references to online resources.
iii) Articles should be followed by a bibliography, which can be divided, if appropriate, into primary and secondary sources, or manuscripts, music editions, recordings etc.


  • Language of the Journal: English (some articles may be translated into German at a later date)
  • Open Access and Free for authors and readers
  • Copyright stance: Authors keep copyright
  • Publishing mode: Rolling
  • Peer reviewed: Traditional double-blind peer review model
  • Archived


All submissions should be copy-edited and conform to all submission guidelines.
Peer reviewers may work with authors to improve material where there is potential.

Submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Wojciech Wisniewski
Editor, Journal of the International Piano Competition J. S. Bach, Würzburg
e-mail: [email protected]